Chinese Canadian Cultural Fusion
From Big Band Music of the 1930's to
Canada Line to Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010

Dr. Kan Chen, reknowed Scout Troop leader and supporter in MetroVancouver BC 50 years of history, this photo is him with his cloak of badges in Vancouver Chinatown during a Dragon Dance , see figure in the background

Dr. Hsin Kan Chen's Scouting History (1932 - 2009)

Celestial Gents Band, photo circa 1935 Victoria BC Canada

Top row left to right - Roy Chan, on trumpet; [unknown trumpet player]; Allan Chan, on piano; Front row left to right: Ira and/or Herby Chan on saxaphones; and Hsin Kan Chen [aka Maurice] on tenor-saxaphone, with band leader Johnson in front, note on far left, unseen playing the drums would be Paul Chan [and Philip Chan on violin(tbc)]

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Vancouver-Victoria BC
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