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Dr. Hsin Kan Chen's Scouting History (1932 - 2009)

Photo of Dr. H.K. Chen with his  Canada Scouts Cape and badges at a  Vancouver Chinatown street parade, see Dragon and dragon dancers in background, circa 2006

The following is information provided by Lister Chen, (2nd of 4 boys of Dr. H.K. Chen & Mrs. Alice Chen)

    Jan. 1932        Joined the 1st Victoria Chinese Troop under Scoutmaster Rev. Clarence Lin-Tshung Lee
    June 4, 1932    As troop leader attended the Mainland/Vancouver Island Boy Scout Rally (Jamboree) at Beacon Hill Park, Victoria
    Easter 1934    Completed 1st class journey of 14 miles to Mt. Douglas
    1934                Attained all badges for King Scout except swim badge (Chinese not allowed to swim in Crystal Garden pool then)
    1957                Became assistant cubmaster with 32nd Vancouver Centre group (sponsored by True Light Chinese Mission)
    1958-1974       Cubmaster/Scoutmaster with the 116th Chung Wah Cubs and Scouts (sponsored by Chung Wah Youth League)
    1968                Received 10-Year Faithful and Efficient Service Award
    1973                Received 15-Year Pin to Long Service Medal
    1983                Received 25-Year Pin to Long Service Medal
    Aug. 1983        Organized and assisted in the revival of the 116th East Vancouver Scout Group (sponsored by S.U.C.C.E.S.S.)
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    1984                Became president of the East Vancouver district council
    Dec. 1984        Received Silver Acorn award from Gov. Gen. Jeanne Sauve for "especially distinguished service to scouting"       
    1986                Assisted and organized the 32nd East Vancouver Scout Group (sponsored by Chinese Cultural Centre)
    Aug.1987         Attended 5th B.C./Yukon Provincial Jamboree, Camp Barnard, Sooke with seven scouts of the original 1st Chinese Victoria Troup
    1988                Became a member of Half Century Club - 50 years of Scouting
    1988                Received Helen K.H. Chan Award for Distinguished Service to Scouting
    1988                Received 25-Year Pin to Long Service Medal
    Nov. 1989        Wrote booklet on "Chinese Scouting of Greater Vancouver and Victoria, 1928-1988"
    1990                 Awarded Douglas C. Waddell Memorial Plaque for Service to Scouting Community
    1990                Organized and assisted the 188th East Vancouver Scout group (sponsored by Chinese Social Development Society)
    1993                Founded the 42nd Canadian B.P. Guild (Zhong Hua), Vancouver
    1994                Camp Chief of the Chinese Canadian Scout Jamboree, Camp Byng, Sechelt, B.C.
    1995                Staff member of the China Bar Sub-camp, 7th BC/Yukon Provincial Jamboree, Camp Hughes, Prince George
    1996                Organized and assisted the 68th East Vancouver Scout Group (sponsored by Chin Wing Chun Tong Society of  Canada)
    1997                Assisted five scouts of the 188th East Vancouver in attaining Chief Scout rank
    1997-2009        East Vancouver District Council Advisor and Vancouver Coast Region Honorary President
    1998                Awarded certificate and pin for 40 year Scout service
    June 2002        Wrote the book, "B. P. Trail and Beyond: The 1st Victoria Chinese Troop"



"中僑互助會於一九七三年成立,並於翌年註冊為非牟利慈善機構,現已發展成為卑詩省最大的社會服務及移民服務團體之一。我們的宗旨是協助有需要人士克服語言及文化上的隔膜,發揮自助精神,並鼓勵他們積極參與社會事務。 "

"S.U.C.C.E.S.S. is a multi-service agency in British Columbia, Canada. Established in 1973 and incorporated in 1974, our mandate is to promote the well being of all Canadians and immigrants. We encourage their participation in the community through delivering services in five major areas: social services, employment services, business and economic development services, training and education services, and health services (under the auspices of S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Multi-Level Care Society incorporated in 1995). To strengthen our financial resources, S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Foundation was established in 2001. " [quote fr. website 2009.08.26 nc]